Mama Picture Kind-of-Day

Mama Picture Kind-of-Day

I decided it’s a Mama Picture Day.

Why? Because today I moved back to Rochester — with a sprained ankle. So my mom packed my whole car for me (with the help of my awesome sister), and then offered to drive me all four hours to Rochester (since you need both feet to drive a stick). I’m okay driving, but what a selfless thing to offer — eight hours of her day roundtrip!

First time riding through a clothing store in a wheelchair

First time riding through a clothing store in a wheelchair

And then Sunday is my 27th birthday (feel free to send gluten-free cookies), so she took me shopping (we found a wheelchair — see picture) and bought me a new maxi skirt and leggings. YES!!!

So I figured today I would do a quick post, as I’ve just arrived in Rochester, about the top five things I love about my mom:

Number Five: She always gives good advice. She’s the person I want all of my friends to meet. I wish she could mentor every single struggling girl I meet along the road. And she’s the first person I go to asking, “What do you think about this decision?” And she’ll tell me straight. I love that.

Number Four: She gave me her eyes. YES! I love them!

Number Three: She thinks I’m hilarious. Even when no one else does. No, literally. She will be the ONLY person laughing, but she laughs hard and long, and I feel super witty.

Number Two: She loves talking with me. I mean listening, since I do most of the talking (of course). But she loves it for some unknown reason. So I call her everyday. Sometimes more than once.

Number One: She sets an incredible example of a woman at peace with herself, with others, and with God. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve watched her daily walk with God, and her excitement for learning new things about Him (and about everything in life — even physics — yuck).

I hope I can be just like her when I grow up.


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