Summer Updates!


 Wow! What a year this has been already!

Here I sit, with the heat of summer fading ever so slowly. How is it already August? The month of my 27th birthday, the month I will move back to Rochester, the month to finish the draft-final of my next book.

I’ve put off writing this post, unsure how to put words to everything this year has contained so far. There is not room enough in a human heart to absorb all the adventures God has for us, much less put words to them.

I spent this January-May in perpetual spring, trundling cross-country in my little PT Cruiser. I left New York in a blinding snow storm and returned in the warmth of summer’s beginnings. Left with a PT Cruiser on its last leg and returned in a gorgeous Honda Civic with beautiful power. (I feel like there’s a sermon in the simple opposites from beginning to end.)

This year God opened doors I never could have opened, provided opportunities to speak at and connect with wonderful people and organizations. At different points on the tour I was speaking nearly every day out of the week, sometimes two or three times in a day. There were also weeks of quiet and rest, with few events.

There were many “divine appointments” throughout this year. One of my favorite memories was a father told my friend Marcy, “Tell your friend who spoke last night, thank you from a dad. The next morning my daughter told me about the speaker’s struggles with disordered eating. I asked, ‘Honey, is that something you struggle with too?’ She said, ‘Yes, Dad.’” The man told Marcy, “Say thank you for the opportunity to have that conversation with my daughter.” That story brings tears to my heart, if not my eyes, every time I think of it.

So what’s the plan now that the tour is over?

Well, I am currently writing the third draft of my next book (all about boys! Working title? Boy Talk: From boycrazy to single and mostly sane). I LOVE it…seriously love it. It’s written like a novel, with short snippets at the end with lessons God taught me. The book will have a website with video interviews of guys sharing things they feel girls should know…and tons of other fun and serious resources for the readers.

I’m also currently booking my next tour, scheduled to start January 29, 2014. It will hit twice as many states in a shorter amount of time…definitely fast-paced!

I am planning to take an intern with me on this next tour, someone to lead worship and who I can mentor along the way.

In a couple weeks I’ll be moving back to Rochester, NY for several weeks to plug back in at my home church. I can’t even wait!!! Being there is like breathing to me.

This has been an incredible year only God could orchestrate! I’m loving every second of it, and am so excited for the continued adventures up His sleeve!

Thank you SO MUCH for each of your prayers, support, and encouragement along this journey.




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