IMAG3082I was just walking the dog, that’s all. Next thing I knew, a curb jumped out of nowhere and attacked me! (…or I just tripped on it.) Then I couldn’t stand up! How do these things happen to me?

I thought I broke a bone on the side of my foot; it’s rather bruised, lots of broken blood vessels, and swollen in weird places, but apparently it’s just a sprain. The doctor was surprised.

Now I’m on crutches and can’t help but think — saying I tripped off a curb isn’t that exciting. So couldn’t I just say I got kicked by a horse?

Or, as my friend Michelle said, I was chased by a tiger (didn’t you see it on the news??)…

Or as Locy said, I rolled my ankle working out (people would still be stuck on the fact that I was working out)…

Or, and this Twitter suggestion is my favorite:



I wish I could say it was all part of my CIA training — those ninja spy skills. I wish.


2 thoughts on “Oops…

  1. Jim Ullery says:

    There is usually a reason for an accident like that to happen. All leaders have responsibilities and their service to God needs only be transparent as to what the reason is. Somehow you will make the best of this minor setback and others will look at your and your faith and see the example that you are. Just look at that smile on your face under a bit of pain I am sure. Keep being the example that you are my friend.


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