Something New: Day at the Track

Something New: Day at the Track

Funny, I live 20 minutes from Saratoga, but I’ve never been to the famous Saratoga Race Track. And not because I’ve lacked opportunity! My family goes up several times each year, but I’ve always declined, thinking, “That sounds so boring!”

Today I ventured into new territory… and wow was it fun! I want to go back next weekend, and bring all my friends!

Go figure.

Makes me wonder — how many opportunities do I pass up because it sounds boring or scary or stressful? How many of those opportunities would actually be as wonderful as today at the track?

Maybe it’s time to try something new.


2 thoughts on “Something New: Day at the Track

  1. Jim Ullery says:

    I find that this example is so true about life. We are blessed with the freedom to choose any direction and often we choose not to choose a direction at all. That is actually a choice! Choose to choose in all that you do.


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