The Story of My Car

I got this new-to-me car in Denver. Isn’t she a beauty??

My new car!! <3

My new car!! ❤

This spring my PT Cruiser stopped creeping along. I was looking at $3,000 of repairs, in addition to the hundreds I’d already spent in the past few months. That’s when God totally provided this car – pristine condition, and super cheap!

Um, yes please!!

This girl, totally used to hand-me-downs (nothing quite as lovely as this), could hardly believe her eyes! I mean…it even has a sunroof!

Without realizing it, over the past few months, this car became like my life to me.

And then yesterday happened.

Oh the irony – after driving all over the country, my car was hit while parked outside my parents’ house in suburbia, NY.

I wanted to drop to my knees and CRY. Or hit something. Like a ten second rewind button for life. (Why haven’t those been invented yet??)

Thank God there was no real damage other than needing new front tires and a panel. The other driver covered the cost. But I found myself wondering at my intense reaction.


My brother reading the manual… me standing on the crowbar, trying to loosen the tire. To no avail.

Why was I SO mad? Like, far more than I felt was normal for me.

Of course I want to take good care of the things God’s given me, but maybe I’ve started holding this car too tightly.

Maybe I’ve forgotten that in the end… it’s just a carShowing grace to the other driver is way more important than having a perfect car.

This year God’s been challenging me to hold my earthly possessions loosely. Reminding me that I can’t take them with me. 

In eternity, all that matters is loving God with all my heart, and loving people. Not a car.

What other things do I hold too tightly? Forgetting that this world isn’t my home. Forgetting that I can’t take anything with me.


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