Cali Love

One week in Southern California, and I’ve fallen in love. (Want to see pics? Click here!)


Send a postcard home...

Send a postcard home…

I’m head over heels for 76 degree weather during the day, with a nighttime chill that calls for hot chocolate and snuggly blankets. I don’t want to leave the snow-covered mountains overshadowing the ocean, or the absolutely perfect sunsets.

My friend Traci and I made it to Cali safely and just in time for the girls conference, after an adventure-filled week of blizzards, 17-hour drives, and making it to the Grand Canyon just in time to see…thick, thick fog. Literally. That was it.

A sea lion in the wild!

A sea lion in the wild!

The past week has been a blur of sight seeing with Traci (before she left on Tuesday), spending time with my awesome friend Marcy and her delightfully fun family, and leading worship at different events. (After Excel I found myself really wanting to lead worship more often, and God’s totally opened up those doors. He is so good.) On Monday, Marcy, Traci, and I drove down to San Diego, and on Tuesday Traci and I drove up the coastline to LA, stopping at all the cool beaches along the way.

So, just dropping a quick little line to say… I’m so glad I’m here and warm, and I don’t think I ever want to leave So Cal. 🙂


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