Not Forgotten

YouAreNotForgottenSomething I struggle with is feeling forgotten, or overlooked.

The feeling shows up randomly. I could be looking at Instagram photos and notice someone else has more followers than me. I could be about to speak at an event and start thinking people would prefer someone else to speak than me. Or I could be falling asleep and start thinking my friends don’t care about me.

I was feeling that way today. Nothing happened; it’s completely in my head. I know that. It’s the weirdest thing, because I’m about to speak and lead worship at a large youth conference this weekend...and I still feel forgotten.

When the feeling came just now, I paused in my heart and asked, “God, what is this about? Why do I feel this way over and over?”

I realized: It’s my version of the waves Peter sank in: Looking away from Him and comparing myself to others. For me, comparison is the equivalent of Peter’s waves.

The most beautiful thing is, every time I feel forgotten, I heard the Lord’s voice saying:

“But I have not forgotten you.”

That simple phrase calms my heart, because I suddenly look up again. I look to Him, instead of at the waves. And my heart is still, full in Him.


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