Discouragement2My pastor’s wife saw me at church on Sunday and ran over to hug me. She said, “Tiffany, this week I had on my heart to pray against discouragement in your life! I felt like God wanted me to tell you that if you’re feeling discouraged, it’s NOT because you aren’t supposed to be doing this [speaking/traveling]; it’s because the discouragement is part of the journey.”

It had been a rough week for me, full of discouragement that didn’t end until I got on my face and had a heart to heart with God. Friday night I spent a couple hours in my church’s beautiful prayer room, and He restored my soul.

On my way to the prayer room I got to drive towards a huge, beautiful rainbow. I saw this guy standing in the rain on the side of the highway just to get a picture of it, and was touched by how far he’d go to capture the rainbow. The thought came to me: Even when I’m standing in the rain, I can still be marveling at God’s promises and faithfulness.

Yes, discouragement may be a part of the journey. But, as my pastor’s wife encouraged me, my feeling of discouragement doesn’t change the fact that God is faithful. It doesn’t mean I should give up what God has put on my heart to do.


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