Shattered Soup Bowls…and Grace

wesc_8103069_wht-3I just dropped my bowl of tomato soup and shattered it all over our ceramic kitchen floor. Typical me. My dad reassured me that all spies drop things once in awhile. (Explanation: I’m obsessed with spies and like to think I could be one.)

What blew my mind was the response that followed… My little sister walked in, took the broom, and started sweeping. My mom checked the counter to make sure there was no glass. Dad took the vacuum out to get in the kitchen floor cracks.

What was left for me to do?

I tried to argue, to say I had dropped it so I should clean it. My little sister responded: “I drop things all the time, and I love when people help me clean up.”

I suddenly thought: How many times do I tell God, “I made the mess, I should clean it up”?

20121230140934And how many times do I ignore His response of grace because I feel undeserving?

“But God, it’s my fault! I should be responsible!”

“Let Me do it. You don’t have to do it on your own. I already paid the price. I’ll walk with you through the broken shards. I’ll help you pick them up. I’ll help you put your life back in order. Because My grace is sufficient for you.”


I hope I extend it to others the way it was extended to me today. Funny how the smallest things can touch our hearts the most.

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