Don’t Be Afraid

My welcome home committee: Dad and Yoshi talking about how happy they are to see me – cute!

Wow, how these past two months have flown by, and yet they feel as if they’ve contained a year’s worth of time!

I’m sitting at my parents’ kitchen table in Albany, NY, working maniacally on my laptop. The kitchen still smells softly of honey maple bacon, even though we had that for lunch more than five hours ago. I’ve got this glass of water in front of me with half a lemon bobbing around in it. I think my typing keeps it in a bobbing frenzy.

Yesterday I arrived back home at my parents’ house for the holidays. The previous week was a flurry of speaking, the kind of schedule I find simply delicious. There’s no other way to put it. One to two events a day is just stimulating to me.

As I was getting ready to leave Pennsylvania yesterday, and thinking on all the amazing things God had done during the past few weeks, I happened upon Matthew 7:26:

“Why are you fearful, oh you of little faith?” 

It’s a little line found in the middle of a story in which Jesus calms a raging storm over this huge lake. The disciples were scared that the boat they were in was about to capsize, but Jesus just told the wind to be quiet, and it instantly was. Then He asked the disciples that question: Why are you afraid?

The answer seems pretty obvious: Ummm…because we’re about to drown! Duh!

But it’s so profound. Jesus was with them, so why would they fear?

All throughout Scripture (for example, Joshua 1:9), Jesus says not to fear, because He’s with us. Instead of fearing, we should be strong and full of courage!

As I read that verse, it jumped off the page at me. Have you ever experienced that? It just grips you somehow.

The super cute coffeeshop set up during Sunday night’s event.

You see, when I left for the beginning of this “tour,” just two months ago, I was nervous and worried about how it would work out. Traveling across the country speaking seemed so far-fetched. But as I’ve watched the incredible ways in which God is working and providing, it’s made me so excited to keep going and get back on the road in January!

As I read that verse, I felt God ask me:

“Why did you ever doubt Me? I’m with you; don’t be afraid.”

I think we all need that reminder every so often, when we’re faced with life’s crazy uncertainties. When we’re children of the King, we can know that our Father is with us – always. Nothing can separate us from His love. And because of that, we can find courage.

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