Perspective Changes Everything

God has been teaching me a lot about perspective this week.

Right now I’m sitting out Hurricane Sandy in the livingroom of my aunt and uncle’s house in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I think we escaped most of the inclement weather here in Indiana (praying for those of you in the path of the storm!), but seeing the light rain falling outside the window reminds me of my first lesson in perspective, back when I was fifteen.


It’s all in the perspective: storm cloud picture found online.

I was flying to Texas, about to travel to China with a bunch of people I’d never met from Teen Mania Ministries (best trip of my life, ps). As I looked out the window, filled with mixed emotions of homesickness and excitement over the incredible adventure before me, I noticed a storm cloud covering a huge section of ground with shadows. I was sure the cloud appeared endless to those looking up from the ground, but from my bird’s eye view, I could see the cloud for what it was: Small in comparison to the rest of the clear blue sky. (Obviously this was not Hurricane Sandy I saw below me. :))

God showed me in that moment the importance of keeping His perspective – a bird’s eye view, as it were – in every situation. Things appear differently when looking “up” from the ground than they do when looking “down” with eyes of faith.

This week God once again taught me about perspective. I was beginning to feel discouraged about this year’s travels, and realized I had stopped looking at what COULD BE and instead was looking only at what IS. This is what I wrote in my journal about this realization:

“I was getting discouraged cause I was seeing what IS instead of what COULD BE. And even what is, is amazing. But when it’s in the context of potential, it appears greater than it is, and when it’s in the context of average, it appears less than it is. Help me to see things from the context of faith, rather than the context of unbelief.”

Perspective changes everything. Each morning I pray over my eyes and ask that God would help me to see every situation through eyes of faith, because when I see things through His perspective, I know that the “clouds” in my life will pass. When I see through eyes of faith, I know He will cause His will to be accomplished. (See 2 Kings 6:8-23 for the prayer I pray over my eyes.)

Lord, grant me Your perspective – that context of faith!


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