My Father who cares for me

Hello, Indiana!

Why, hello Indiana! Hello, cornfields and sweet, sweet times with my amazing grandparents! Hello, dad’s side of the family who I adore but never get to see!

Today I’m in an adorable little alcove (all mine) of a public library in North Manchester, Indiana. Let me try that again. I’m in a random library somewhere in the midwest. There. That’s more like it. (Haha, just avoiding stalkers, as my mom would prefer! :))

Before I get started with a couple crazy stories, I wanted to share a new idea with you: Pretty soon I’m planning to start blogging in a series on a topic. Everyday, relatable things, you know? Like boys, walking with God, finding your dreams, that sort of thing. If you have any ideas of topics, I’d love to hear them! Just leave a comment at the end of this blog post!

So Friday concluded my beautiful time in Chicago, home to Intelligentsia Coffee (which was wonderful) and Portillos Hot Dogs (which I refused to try). I met many incredible people and had the opportunity to speak at a few different places.

One such connection was Lawndale Community Church. I had the opportunity to meet with two leaders in their youth ministry about using my book with their small groups, and let me tell you – this church blew me away!! – their community involvement is something truly extraordinary. They have a housing assistance program, health care clinic, recovery center with a pizza shop for job skills training and work, gym with after school work out programs, a hip hop worship night, and so much more! Talk about a true investment in the community. I was so inspired by them! If you live in Chicago and want to find out more about their community, click here!

The book I’ve been reading in my rest time – in a captivating series on the formation of a Jewish nation. Absolutely riveting!

I am now in week four of this Coffeehouse Tour, and this weekend I enjoyed some much-needed rest time. I’m staying with my dad’s parents. My grandparents are an absolutely adorable, retired couple who has been married for 54 years and still can’t bear to be apart from each other! Before every meal they pray and then kiss each other; they constantly hold hands or have arms around each other; and they do everything together. I LOVE getting to spend this time with them. They’re amazing!

So today I have just a couple stories to share with you.

Just before leaving Chicago, I noticed that my tires were low on air. I hate trying to fill my tires with air, because I don’t know how to do it and always count on my dad or a guy friend to fill them up. So as I drove, I prayed that God would provide someone to fill the tires for me. When I saw a Mobil station with an air tank, I pulled in. No one was around, so I figured I’d have to fill the tires myself. I went inside to get quarters for the machine, and when I came out, a man had arrived and was just finishing filling his tires with air. He saw me approach and immediately said, “Here, let me fill your tires while I’m at it.” (!!!)

I laughed inside. I was like, “God, you are in the business of taking care of me. You are such a good Father!” I got to talk to the guy and he has a super cool job – he takes care of cars that are used in movies! As he was filling my tires with air, he noticed that one had a nail in it and needed to be plugged. He told me where to go and how much it should cost so I didn’t get ripped off. God, you are so good! :) (When I told my friend Josh, he just rolled his eyes and sighed, “You and your knights in shining armor.” Exactly. Me and my Knight in shining armor, who always takes care of me!)

That reminds me…when I was on my way to Chicago, I stopped to get gas and fill my car with windshield wiper fluid. Okay, so that’s something I’ve done before and I know how to do, thank you very much. I bought the windshield wiper fluid and lifted the hood of my car. Instantly a guy came over to offer his help. I thanked him for the offer but said I had done it before, so I was good to go. He made sure I was telling the truth (apparently I look like I can’t handle my own with a car) and got in his car to leave. Well then I just stood there. I had one of those brain freezes in which I couldn’t for the life of me remember where the opening was to pour in the fluid! So embarrassing!! The guy started to drive away and then saw me standing there helplessly. He rolled down his window and I said, “So I guess I’ll take you up on your offer?” He laughed and helped me out. Oh dear.

Found this online. Perfect. We are more valuable than many sparrows (Matt. 10:29-31).

So there you have it: My amusing stories about car troubles from my un-mechanically-minded brain. I have to say though, I am so blessed to have a heavenly Father who watches out for me in every way! Even in those moments when I don’t know I’m going to need help (like with the washer fluid), He provides help before I need it. He just loves to take care of us, His children. It reminds me of the verse about Him seeing everything – even when a little sparrow falls to the ground. And how much more valuable are we than many sparrows!

So have a fabulous day. Remember your heavenly Father cares for you, leave me your ideas for a blog series, and don’t come trying to steal my personal alcove at this library!


One thought on “My Father who cares for me

  1. Dani says:

    So happy you’re having an amazing trip! I love spending time with older couples. They have so much wisdom to share. Of course, you have the perfect man right now! I love how God is a husband to us until a man is in our lives 🙂 He never disappoints!

    You should blog about the different food you’re eating on the road, haha. I don’t blame you for foregoing the hot dogs. So glad you got to Intelligentsia!


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