The Coffeehouse Tour kick off event!


Oh my goodness, what a fantastic kick off event! Last night, October 3, marked the official beginning of The Insatiable Quest for Beauty Coffeehouse Tour!

From 7-10pm at Lovin’ Cup in Rochester, NY, a couple hundred people enjoyed the sweet serenades of Nazareth College’s Call4Backup (top right), Robert Tyler and Stacie Collins (bottom left), David and Krysta Stacy (not pictured), and Sean Pritzkau and Shannon Gunn (not pictured). My friend Mike Zale emceed the entire event in a South African accent (he’s pictured with me top left), and I shared a little bit about the event and a few songs I wrote.

People kept saying that I was glowing the whole night! I had the time of my life, and I felt so loved and encouraged on this venture! From doctors and professors I worked with during my internship, to the RAs I supervised in my last job, to friends from grad school, my old church, my current church, and so on… I was just so blessed by all who came. It was the best way to start off this Coffeehouse Tour.

And everyone seemed to love “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” coffeehouse mugs too!! I gave one out as a prize for the winning photograph that was instagram’ed to #insatiablequestforbeauty (check out that hash tag if you want to see more pics of last night). The winning photograph is pictured here, by Bethany Rahn. Beautiful!

So to all who came last night, THANK YOU. It was absolutely wonderful to have you there! I am so excited to see what God does on the rest of this Coffeehouse Tour!


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