Meeting cool people

This week marks the beginning of the Coffeehouse Tour! First stop? Back to Rochester, NY!

While I’m here, I’m reconnecting with my friends and church, having a super exciting book signing and live music event at Lovin’ Cup, speaking at Alfred University, and meeting with someone about small group resources.

I’ve been cold calling churches and setting up meetings about The Insatiable Quest for Beauty small group resources. I love the super cool women I’ve gotten to meet through this. I love hearing their hearts and sharing the resource.

This morning I met with a lady named Andrea who I just have to tell you about, because she blessed me so much. Not only is she an incredible woman who was a missionary in Eastern Europe for 20 years, got a master’s in clinical psychology, and runs the “Martha Street” ministry (practical encouragement for women in ministry), among many other things, but she is also genuine, and has a nurturing heart. I felt like I had gone to a meeting with one of my mentors, instead of with a random person I’d never met before.

The reason I wanted to tell you about her is because of her Martha Street ministry. I was just on her website and LOVING it. So much practical advice, encouragement, and Bible study from a real woman who’s been there and done that. Check out her website: – you’ll love it!

Speaking of cool people I’ve met, last week I got to have coffee with a wonderful woman named Carolyn. She has the same vision as I do – to see women’s lives changed, and set free from our cultural obsession with perfection! Here’s the link to her blog, full of topics along these lines…and specifically to the blog she so kindly wrote about The Insatiable Quest for Beauty!

Before I close, let me say… I am extremely excited to see how tonight’s event at Lovin’ Cup goes – it’s the kick off event for the whole Coffeehouse Tour!! So if you’re in Rochester, come join us from 7-10pm tonight at Lovin’ Cup (Park Point Plaza by RIT)!!!


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