Phase One: Prep Work

ImageWell, I’m back at my parents’ house in Albany, NY! I have now entered Phase One of The Coffeehouse Tour. From now until 9/29/12, I will be contacting places, making spreadsheets, meeting with youth pastors, speaking and doing book tables in Albany, and overall…scheduling and getting everything ready to go for this year!

To catch you all up, since everything’s happened SO quickly, I graduated with my master’s degree in music therapy, left my job, and decided to travel fulltime with my newly released book. I want to get a buzz going with the book. I will be staying with friends and family across the country, for two weeks in each location, speaking, letting pastors know about The Insatiable Quest for Beauty book and small group workbook as a resource for their youth ministry, and overall just getting the word out about the book. I’m calling it “The Coffeehouse Tour.” And it officially begins in October!

ImageSo in the meantime, I’m chained to my computer. (Well, not really.) I’ve also done some fun stuff. Like my sister and I went and worked a book table at the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) walk for charity in Syracuse. I got to meet some awesome people, make great connections, and visit both my sisters.

This is definitely a step of faith. I’m not sure how everything’s going to work. I don’t have everything booked yet. But I really believe this is what God has in store for this year. As my dad said, “What do you have to lose?” So I’m going for it!…and I’m super excited!! Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, California, Colorado, Mississippi, Texas, and Virginia…here we come! 🙂

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