Introducing: The Coffeehouse Tour!!!

WOW. Things are happening so fast! Here’s the short story… I am quitting my job after next week. I’ll be speaking and camp counseling at my awesome church’s youth summer camp – “Alive” – and then moving back home to my parents’ house in Albany, NY on August 20. That will be the launching pad.

From there, I’m going to travel the country for the next year with The Insatiable Quest for Beauty book. Chicago, Indiana, Pennsylvania, California, Colorado, Texas, Virginia Beach, and more…here we come! I’m hoping to canvas each area and spread the buzz about The Insatiable Quest for Beauty, as well as speak everywhere I can. I’ll also be having a coffeehouse book signing in each city; hence “The Coffeehouse Tour.”

I really feel God’s hand over this, and am incredibly excited. I will miss my church here in Rochester so much, but I’ll be coming back to visit regularly and still staying in touch and involved. I believe this is the time I’ve been waiting for… and I can hardly wait to start in less than a month!!!!!

I’ll be posting video updates regularly – so keep checking back!!! 🙂

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