Awake dreaming

So much has been happening lately; it leaves me breathlessly trying to keep up, and excitedly unable to sleep! Once I heard a preacher say it’s good to have dreams that keep you awake at night. I feel like that every night! – Like a kid who’s going to the amusement park tomorrow and can’t fall asleep for day-dreaming about it.

So here’s what’s been going on and keeping me awake at night:

  • Turned in my master’s thesis – woohoo!
  • Studying for my music therapy board exam, which is in less than 2 weeks
  • Playing at my AMAZING church that I freaking LOVE!!!!!!!! (Father’s House Downtown Campus)
  • Sent my book “The Insatiable Quest for Beauty” in to my editor!!!!!!
  • Have super talented people working with me on cover design and a brochure for the book
  • Co-writing a free, downloadable small group workbook with my friend Moriah so small groups can use the book
  • Getting the book website up and going, along with filming video coffee date interviews to be posted on the site
  • Graduating with my master’s in 3 weeks!!!!!!! And then focusing on the book and speaking!!!!!!!
  • Working on some awesome, awesome job opportunities that have presented themselves
  • Moving into my new, beautiful apartment in 6 weeks
  • Getting ready to start marketing my book once it comes out – and waiting rather impatiently!

It’s like I’m dreaming, but I’m awake. Like my whole life is this incredible dream that I get to live. I am so blessed, so excited, so………indescribably anticipating all God has for this next chapter of life! SO EXCITED. I’m wide awake, and I’m totally dreaming.


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