The little things…like an adorable purple dress


Adorable dress, right? 🙂

I know the Bible says that God cares about us so much that He has numbered the hairs on our heads, but I still don’t seem to get it, because I’m constantly surprised when He shows me that He cares even about something like a purple dress (albeit an absolutely adorable purple dress). I hope I never lose this amazement at how much He cares about the little things, the things that seem to have no bearing on eternity, but He still cares about us in those ways just because we’re His children.

Around Thanksgiving-time I was shopping with a few friends of mine and found this absolutely amazing, stunning dress. I like to dream up different clothing designs and then go look for those outfits – as if I could actually find them. Well this was one dress I had been dreaming about that I actually found. It’s one shoulder, deep purple, knee length, and cinched all the way from top to bottom. As soon as I put it on, I fell in love. But it was $35. I know that’s not much, but I just didn’t feel right about it; I knew it wouldn’t be wise to spend that much money when I quit my job for the year to finish my master’s degree. So I put it back on the rack, but continued to dream about it.

Well shortly after Christmas, my friend Krysta and I went shopping with our Christmas money. Lo and behold, I walk into H&M, describe this dress to one of the ladies working there, and they still have it! In my size! For $10! OMG!!!

I was so excited I was practically giggling like a little girl! I just couldn’t believe that God cared enough for me that when I was faithful by not buying the dress I couldn’t afford, He saved it for me – and at a third of the price! Not that everytime I want something, if I pass it up I’ll find it again later at a lower price. But it’s moments like that when I’m reminded again of how much He loves us, even in the little things, and how fully we can trust Him with the big things too.


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