Broken Keys & Coffee Mugs

Okay so my coffee mug didn’t break (thank God) but my car key definitely did! I had just spent a lovely evening catching up with my friend Adrienne over dinner at the Olive Garden (who knew they have a gluten-free penne pasta dish now?? – fabulous!) and shopping for a brown blazer at Macy’s (which they didn’t have), when I went to start my car…and the key SNAPPED IN HALF in my ignition!!! I just kinda stared at it in awe. I had no idea keys did that! Amazingly I was able to pull it out of the ignition, and then I turned to Adrienne who was in her car next to me and just held up the two pieces of my keys while half laughing in disbelief. The timing really was perfect because Adrienne was kind enough to give me a ride back to my place to get my spare key and then drive me back to the mall. But what an odd thing to happen! So I had to take a picture to document it cause of course the first thing that comes to mind with a strange situation like this is to take a picture and blog about it! So here we are with my broken key:


So then this is where the mugs come in. The unbroken mugs. Phew.

My wonderful friend/photographer/designer Amanda Robinson (who might I add is nine months pregnant!!) did a photo shoot this morning for my book cover! My book is all about the vibe of sitting down for coffee to talk about the insatiable quest for beauty, so here are a few of my favorite photos:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Isn’t she AMAZING?!?! You can check out more of her work at

Wow, what a great and adventure-full day!! 🙂


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