Schindler’s List and my one life

Rick has been wanting me to see “Schindler’s List” for so long now, and we just watched it tonight. You know at the end where Schindler says, “I could have gotten more, I could have saved more. This car…could have been ten people. Why didn’t I sell it?” It hit me in the gut. At the end of my life I know I’m going to be saying the same thing. So many I could have reached, yet I was too afraid to say anything, or didn’t want to offend someone, or didn’t have the time, or didn’t want to be bothered, or they weren’t someone I’d normally connect with, or whatever. In the end, who cares? When this life is over and I have to answer to my Creator, what can I say?

I have just one life to live for You, I wanna give it all away

I pray many, many will have found the freedom and abundant life found only in Him. That my life would not have been in vain.


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