Moment with the Divine

Take my life, I lay it down

At the cross, where I am found

All I have I give to You oh God

– “Arms Open Wide” (Hillsong United)

Tonight was one of those beautiful moments. When the darkness encloses you as you walk beneath clouds chasing each other across the sky. It’s that feeling I get when I’m in an empty church building, of holy solitude, an intimate moment with the divine. It’s this beautiful, majestic stillness, a feeling of being completely alone and yet completely united with the lover of your soul. It makes you want to cry, to be still, to savor the encounter, to retrace your steps so you can keep walking forever. It’s this feeling of being right there with Him so near. It stirs up the deepest longing of your soul – to be with Him, really, physically with Him, to go home to Him, and meanwhile to live every breath He gives you in the way that will matter for eternity. Yet being with Him also satisfies to the deepest parts of your soul, fills you with joy, purpose, inspiration, abandon, and love. You know you’ve found everything you were searching for.

Lord, may I never run ahead of you,

never fall behind you,

and never wander from you,

but always stay right beside you.

I can’t do any of this without you.


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