Getting over myself

I was praying tonight and spending some time repenting for choices I’ve made that aren’t pleasing to God, for living a life that is about me and my desires instead of about Him and His desires. Over and over God has been speaking to me that my life is not supposed to be about me or for me; it is all for and about Him.

My dear friend Krysta let me borrow her book “Crazy Love” by Francis Chan. She’s been raving about this book ever since she read it, and I can see why! I’m on chapter two, in which Francis Chan is talking about how short our lives are; that they are like playing a two-fifths of a second scene in a movie in which God is the star. He asks how ridiculous it would be if we were an extra in a movie who had a part in which we stood in a crowd for two-fifths of a second and then rented out the theater and asked our friends and family come watch the movie that was about us. They’d think we were ridiculous, because the movie was not about us at all! Chan is making the point that our lives are like that movie, in that the main character is God, and the whole “movie” of life is all about God, not about us. During our short lives – our two-fifths of a second on screen – we should be making much of God. He says this to sum it up:

“So what does that mean to you? Frankly, you need to get over yourself. It might sound harsh, but that’s seriously what it means.” (p. 44)

That is exactly what God has been burning into my heart these past few months – this life is not about me; it’s about Him. It’s not about what I want or my desires; it’s about pursuing Him with my every breath. Tonight I was wondering, “How would I live each day differently if I was truly living completely sold out for Him? If my life was truly about Him in every way, what would that look like?”

How would that look? Lord, show me! Teach me how to make my life all about You!


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