Friday Singoffs, Love Songs to Cheeseburgers, and Books

Oh my goodness.  I had SUCH a fun time at Worldview Camp in Doylestown, PA this weekend!!  Everyone had so much energy… it was just a blast!  We had a sing off to “Friday” (seeing who could do the best Rebecca Black impression), which was pretty much amazing.  Then one of the guys who is in a screamo band came up and screamed the ending of “Get Out of My Head” – I should’ve hired him to do it on my CD!  FANTASTIC.  We wrote a song to Veggie Tale’s “You’re My Cheeseburger” tune…  It was seriously so much fun – maybe the funnest concert I’ve ever played!  (I know, I know, “funnest” isn’t a word.  Using my creative license here.)  I got to stay with my aunt, uncle, and cousins who live there, and we had a great time taking long walks and enjoying gluten-free food.  What a weekend! 🙂

While I was there, my aunt asked when my book was coming out.  My book is always in the back of my mind, but that got it to the front of my mind.  So today I emailed Christopher Hopper for ideas on book publishing, and he said he really recommends self-publishing through Amazon’s Create a Space.  I checked it out and it looks really good… I’m tempted!  Other people have recommended it to me as well.  I might just have to do it!  We shall see…  But keep your eyes and ears peeled since one of these days… sooner rather than later, God willing… the book will be out! 🙂  Figuring that out is my summer project.

Tomorrow is my last day of my job, and then I’m “demoting” myself to a part-time position here in Res Life so I can do my internship for my master’s degree this fall.  That will give me all of July completely work-free!!  Therefore, I have a word doc full of summer projects.  (I couldn’t stand to actually sit still all summer!)  The main item on that to do list is my book.  We shall see what comes of it in these next few weeks!

Oh and one last thing… my friend Amanda Robinson designed a press kit for me… It’s looking amazing!  Here is a picture of one of the pages.  (The pages aren’t in order because it’s going to be a booklet, printed front and back and then folded down the middle.  But this gives you an idea of the fabulous look.  This girl is seriously so talented!  If you have anything to do – from photography [all the photos are hers] to design – ask her!  She did my CD cover, and now this.  Maybe I can talk her into designing my book cover too! ;))

This is the first page of the booklet and the last page of the booklet


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