The eleventh hour… Go UPS!!

I HAVE ONE HOUR LEFT UNTIL MY CD GETS HERE!!!  (Not that I’m stalking UPS shipping or anything…)  I am SO SO SO excited!!! 😀  I was up half the night, couldn’t sleep for thinking about it, and this next hour is probably going to be the longest in my life!  But at 10am, Kellie and I are running over to get my mail, and I’m going to pick up my finished product… AHHH!!!!

Sooo, if you want to order one, here’s how!  Right now, it’s on at this link:

But if you want to wait a week, it should be on itunes by the end of next week!

And if you just want to hear a couple songs, you can listen to “Mask” and “Someday” on my website at (click the play button in the top right-hand corner).

However you listen, I would LOVE to hear your feedback!!!  You can email me, or even just leave a comment on this blog post!

Dude, one hour left…  Go, UPS shipping, go, go, go!!!


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