All the details…

It’s amazing all the little details that come up when recording a CD.  The things I don’t think about.  Like maybe the way I ordered the songs isn’t quite the right way… and then there are SO many different ways.  Like, do I set it up in story order, timeline order, musical order, or in sections?  Do I call the title “This Is Who I Am” or something shorter and catchier?  How do I sum up the whole of the CD in one title?  How do I order the songs to keep people’s attention?  And there are SO MANY REALLY GOOD IDEAS that I hear … which ones do I go with and which ones don’t I?  And then there’s the credits, and working to get it right and make sure you don’t forget to add any of the instruments, and then redoing the order and arranging it so it looks attractive and doesn’t take up too much space, but still covers everything and isn’t confusing.  Then there’s the thank yous – which I almost forgot to add entirely! – and wanting to make those sound really good, but not overly dramatic, and again not taking up too much space or forgetting anything.  All these little details are taking so much longer than I anticipated!  I’m just SO EXCITED to get this CD in my hands… I can’t wait to have it all done and ready to go!! 😀

So is “This Is Who I Am” a good title?  Or is that boring?  That is my question today…


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