The countdown begins…

And the countdown begins!  In just a matter of days Brian, my producer, will be sending me the final mixes/masters of all my songs.  I’ll then listen, send them to the guys in my band and my parents and my boyfriend and my official listener/proofer/go-to-girl Kellie Leigh, and pull together any feedback we have.  Then Bri and I will go over the songs together, make any last tweaks, and they’ll be done!!! AHHH!!!

THEN my fabulous designer Amanda Robinson will send me the design for my CD cover, which she is currently finishing and which looks freaking amazing, and I’ll submit that with the songs to be duplicated/printed.

Meanwhile I’ve send my wonderful website designer Danielle Bowman the updates to be made on my website, and my mom will be creating a selling space for it on

And then… in about ten days… the shrinkwrapped, legit, real CDs will be IN MY HANDS.  I can’t even wait!!!!!

And so right now I’m just counting down……….almost there!


One thought on “The countdown begins…

  1. Brie says:

    I am so excited and so proud of all the work you have put into your cd!! You know I have been waiting for your cd since the day I met you at EXCEL. 🙂 haha Anyway, keep doing what you’re doing. Your music brings so much joy to more people than you probably know. 🙂


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