Devo #8: Praying Always

DEVO #8:

I’m sorry this is posted so much later than scheduled! My life has kinda flown wildly away from me these past few weeks and I’m trying hard to get a handle back on my time… too much to do in too little time! Isn’t that the story of all our lives? So this devotional is a perfect refresher for me right now: learning how to love God and be communicating with Him even in our everyday, most practical, basic moments of life. It’s easy to be a hero when people are watching, but who are you in the dark? – in those moments when it’s just you working on homework for 6 hours after working all day and still having a hundred things on your to do list and no time to finish any of it? (aka my life) Michele explores this continual “abiding in Christ” throughout everyday life…


Michele Rennie

Michele is quite possibly the funniest person you will ever meet. She has more energy than all four of her children put together, can outsmart or outwit anyone, sings like an angel, and is crazy in love with her husband. This woman has got it going! Michele and her husband, Mark, do a lot of the premarital counseling sessions with couples in our church, and from what I’ve heard the two of them are hilarious, in-your-face honest, and completely transparent. She is not afraid to hide the strength God has given her, and uses that strength to help anyone and everyone she can. I absolutely love the practicality and everyday-life wisdom she has, and am so exited for you to learn from her. With that, may I introduce to you Mrs. Michele Rennie!

Michele’s Profile:
Favorite color: Black (it goes with anything and is slimming)
Favorite food: Mexican
Describe yourself/life in 3 words: Extroverted, bold, energetic
What you want to do with your life: I hate/love this question……I am not sure other than what the Lord sends my way.  Other than following Him, I want to continue to build a passionate, loving marriage to my soulmate that lasts my entire life and raise 4 kids to fully and passionately serve Jesus all the days of their life.  If I do those two things everything else doesn’t matter.

Most dangerous thing you’ve ever done: I have done crazy things but I can’t recall ever doing anything dangerous.  I more likely to make a fool out of myself than put my life in danger.
One interesting fact about you: I have run a half marathon and have a life goal of running a full marathon one day.

Favorite quote: “It is good to want things….” ~  Bill Cosby.  I say this a lot to my kids…
Favorite Bible verse: All of psalm 139!
What is one secret to living life as a woman of God in today’s world? Letting Him tell you who you are rather than anything else like society, people, or yourself dictate who you are.  It is freeing to grasp hold of that!

“Praying Always” by Michele Rennie

Luke 18:1  Then Jesus told his disciples……..that they should always pray and not give up.

Isaiah 59:1  Behold the Lord’s hand is not shortened that it can not save nor His ear heavy that it can not hear.

I am always challenged by prayer in my Christian walk.  When I think about prayer and being a person of prayer, images of someone on their knees in a prayer closet interceding for hours for others regarding salvation, healing and victory come to mind.  Since that is so clearly not me I can often feel like I fall so short in this area.  However, when I read these two scriptures, Jesus began to speak to my heart about two aspects of prayer that I need to remember.

The first is that no prayer is too large or too small for the Lord to care.  “Always pray and not give up” is all-inclusive.  That means I need to really war about salvation, healing and victory for others.  I need to pray that God win souls in our town and that my children will grow up and serve Him.  I need to pray for the broken that are in my life especially in my household.    But it also means when I have 4 kids in my car all under the age of 5 and I need to run into Wegmans to get milk, I can pray for a parking spot to open.  Or when I need to take a sick child to the open hours at a doctor’s office I can pray that we not be there for most of the day.  Jesus cares about the big and small things in our lives and no prayer is too big or too small for Him.  I can feel like I live a small life, however I am reminded that I live a big life with a Big God ALWAYS there.  So whether it is praying for earthquake victims in Haiti or praying for my son’s paper cut, all are important to my Savior.

The second thing God spoke to my heart was about him being omnipresent.  As a mom of 4 kids I do feel limited and overwhelmed at times when all 4 kids need to talk to me at once.  I often go one by one listening and addressing the most important needs first.  When 3:00 pm comes it seems like all 4 need love and attention and I can feel lost in trying to meet those needs.  Jesus is so not like that.  He doesn’t need to rank prayer requests; He literally hears them all at the same time.  Recently Haiti had a major earthquake and over 230,000 people died.  It was heartbreaking to watch the news and the needs are so big.  The morning I read these scriptures, I remember thinking, “God my prayer is not as important as what is going on in Haiti.  Go meet those first and then I will tell you mine since they are not life and death prayers.”  Very quickly he rebuked me and said, “Daughter, you are important to me just as much as what is going on there.  Come tell me what is on your mind because I can hear all at once and I can help all at once.”  I was blown away by that thought.  He literally hears all prayers to Him at once and never gets overwhelmed, burdened, confused or ranks them in importance!  If even the hair on our head is counted by Him how much more are the thoughts and prayers in our heads counted by Him.

I walked away from my quiet time that day reminded of what prayer really is and filled with love, gratitude and awe for my God and Savior Jesus Christ.


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