Oh my gosh I just get SO excited everytime I play a show with Greg Best and Nate Cronk. We played tonight for a fundraiser for the Lukemia and Lymphona Society, raising money to help research for a cure. My coworker’s brother-in-law was named man of the year for the society, as he is a survivor of lukemia, and so now he is putting on a whole bunch of fundraisers to try and raise several hundred thousand dollars – if I’m remembering the amount correctly.

So anyway jamming out with the guys just stirred me up like it always does. They are SO talented and we just FIT when we play… it’s like it was meant to be and we could do it forever… and, oh man! We’re just so excited to start planning new gigs – with the whole band. I feel like I could burst with energy right now. How am I supposed to sleep??

Lately I’ve just been feeling like God is saying to me, “You need to finish your book. Work on writing it.” So I’ve really been putting my focus and energy on that. I have it in its final draft but am going over and over it with a fine tooth comb – adding, revising, rearranging, etc. I just want it to be perfect. Dad said if I want it to be perfect it’ll never get published. Fair enough. Then I want it to be as close to perfect as it can be. It’s such a balance of writing in a beautiful way that could be a piece of art… and yet writing in an interesting, attention-grabbing, to the point way. Like the reader’s gotta enjoy the journey but also know where they’re going. It’s a challenge sometimes.

So all that to say, I haven’t been focusing on booking new events lately; I’ve put that on the back burner to put all my energy into writing. So now I’m just about to burst with all this excitement for playing out with the guys more! Hopefully more worship concerts. When we play “regular” concerts it’s good… but when we play worship it’s incredible! Like the power of God is SO there and we just jam out and it’s like… oh MAN!!!

*Breathe, Tiffany, Breathe*

Yeah. I’m excited. 🙂

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