How to work out with a sprained ankle

How to work out with a sprained ankle

I miss walking!! SO. BAD.

Since spraining my ankle a couple weeks ago, I still can’t go for my regular four mile walks, or do most yoga poses, or really do anything that remotely resembles working out! So last night I googled “how to work out with a sprained ankle.”

I’d already been doing some of the stuff they suggested, but hadn’t thought about working my upper body from a chair. So here’s my new work out routine, as of last night:

- Sit ups
- Leg lifts
- Hand weights while sitting in a chair
- Marching while in the chair (but just tapping down my toes, instead of putting pressure on my foot)

They also suggested chair exercise videos, but honestly that just sounds too boring to me (haha).

So basically I can do all my strength training without using my ankle, which is awesome. Still not cardio, but awesome nonetheless. (Plus, I hate cardio. So it’s a good excuse.)

I even figured out how to do plank poses by putting my hurt ankle on top of my other ankle, so I’m not balancing on it. So cool!

All that to say, if any of you are also wondering, “How do I work out without using a foot?” It’s actually not impossible.

It still FEELS impossible because I want to walk, but at least there are some things I can do. Phew!

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